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Welcome to the cat section of!

If you are a catlover as we are then you have surfed to the right place. We have devoted this section of to one of humans favorite pet: the domestic cat. brings you a lot of information on the history and interesting information of our four footed friend as well as some fun facts, lots of pictures and everything every cat lover needs to have. Take a look around, learn and above all, have fun!

Cat history CAT HISTORY
Felines through the ages
Cat care CAT CARE
How to look after your pet
Cat pictures CAT PICTURES
A gallery of photos
Cat humor CAT HUMOR
The lighter side of felines 
Superstitions & trivia
More cat sites - list yours! cares about your favourite pet! We have created an easy to use shopping directory where you will find literally anything that you need to pamper your favourite companion. Whether you are looking for a cozy bed for your cat or you want to spoil your pet with a funny cat toy, you'll find it right here in our cat shopping directory.

Cat Toys Cat Jewels
Do you also enjoy seeing your cat play? We do for sure and there are some really funny and safe toys out there that will make it even more fun...

Not only people deserve to look pretty. In the Cat Jewel section you'll find some quality webshops where you can find affordable cat jewels...
Cat Houses Cat Lover Gifts
Give your cat a second home! Affordable cat houses in all sizes and colors.
If you are looking for a cozy house for your pet then this is where you have to be.
Give your own cat or a friend who also has a cat a gift that will be highly appreciated. All sorts of gifts are available for all budgets...
Cat Beds Cat Posters
Our cat sleeps a lot! Luckily she has a warm cat bed to dream away. This section shows you where to find a cat bed. A wonderful collection of cat posters, drawings and photos, framed or not.


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