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Cat Health


The Health of your cat is extremely important. We have collected several links to interesting cat health sites.

Cornell Feline Health Center -
Fact sheets on cat care and health issues. Fee-based online consultation and diagnosis service. 
Multiple articles written by vets describing feline health, behavior, diseases, and grooming.

Plants and Your Cat 
Guide to which household plants are toxic to cats, including symptoms of poisoning.

Veterinary Information for Cats 
Cat health and behavioral issues. Information resource for the cat owner.

Cat Fancier's Association: Plants and Your Cat 

Hartz Company Cat Pages 
FAQs and other information about cat care and Hartz products for cats. 
Featuring cat health and welfare information and free pet memorial pages.

Feline Advisory Bureau 
Charity devoted to the health and welfare of cats and the encouragement of feline veterinary specialization. Health and care articles, PKD disease and screening information. 
Provides information to improve the health and well-being of cats.

Cat Info: Alphabetical Index 
Information resource for cat health care and behavioral issues.


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