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Bichon Frise


The modern Bichon is of Mediterranean ancestry. He is related to the Barbet Water Spaniel. Although Bichons have been a recognised breed since around 1400 they can be traced back to B.C. around the time of Queen Cleopatra and are of ten seen on the Egyptian Sarcophagi.

The Bichon in his natural state is a white curly coated dog. However the modern Bichon is of white powder puff appearance, the powder puff effect being achieved by bathing, blow drying and scissoring which has become the hallmark of the breed. The adult Bichon has dark brown eyes surrounded by black eye rims and dark haloes – a black nose, lips and footpads. As babies’, apricot colouring on the head, ears and body is quite acceptable and usually disappears as the dog reaches full maturity. The Bichon as a show dog is exhibited in the Toy Dog ring however he is far from being a delicate toy. He is a very sturdy, hardy, muscular breed, with a life span around 15 years – some dogs live several years beyond this.

The Bichon is an affectionate, lively companion dog who gets along well with other animals and children. He loves company and prefers to spend his time with his family. He is intelligent and outgoing and loves to play and clown around. He should not be nervous and, whilst he is not a guard dog he is a watchdog who will announce strangers.

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