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Dog Health

The Health of your dog is extremely important. Needless to say that a healthy dog lives longer and remains more active. However sometimes your pet can get ill, that's why we have listed a bunch of resources here so you can learn more about dog health in general.

We also listed several places where you will find affordable dog medication. The online dog health stores are often much cheaper than the regular shop so it's worth the while to check these places out first.


Dog Health Information

NetVet Veterinary Resources  Collection of veterinary medical, and animal related Internet resources.

The Helpful Dog Club  A virtual community formed to gather the best tips and home remedies for your dog.

Health Care Issues  Answers to frequently asked questions on health care for dogs, by Cindy Tittle Moore.

The Senior Dogs Project  Provides different articles about the special needs of the aging dog. Also, information on the side effects of Rimadyl.

Pet Planet  Lots of help sheets and articles on dog care and health issues.


Dog Medication

1-800 --- Petmeds has a large assortment of products so you will probably find a suitable solution for your dogs health problem here. They also offer free shipping if your purchase exceeds 49$ and you can also get discounts when you buy larger volumes. --- One of the largest stores of its kind on the internet They have hundreds of different medically oriented dog products available, categorized in prescription - and non prescription. They appear to modestly price their products so is a good choice to consider. --- A comprehensive resource with a list of available medications and food supplements to protect the health of your dog. They offer free shipping if you buy more than 75$



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