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Lhasa Apso


These shaggy little dogs have been in existence for over 800 years and are native to Tibet. Originally they were kept in the monasteries and treated as sacred animals by the monks. It was believed that, when the monks died, their souls entered the bodies of the Lhasa Apso. For this reason, just the dogs presence was thought to ward off evil.

In addition to their roles in the monasteries, these dogs were also used by palace guards as sentinels, inside guard dogs. Consequently, no stranger gains access to our home without being thoroughly announced.

Perhaps the most noticable feature of the Lhasa is their long dense coat which can be found in a variety of colours. A thick coat protects the Lhasa, not only from the cold , but also insulates against the heat in the summer.

The Lhasa Apso exhibits a regal attitude when looking his best; often a clown, but never a fool. The Lhasa Apso temperament is unique. His rather independent and stubborn nature requires patient understanding, and he resists harsh or strict discipline. He is rather calm and deliberate, although chary (suspicious) of strangers, a direct reflection of his long-standing heritage of seclusion in Tibet. The Lhasa Apso is a big dog personality in a small package. They view themselves as big and important. It is said "when a Lhasa looks in the mirror he sees a lion." Maybe this is where they get the name 'Little Lion Dog.

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